Vandal Guards


CabCare vandal guards offer peace of mind, lower insurance costs, less ‘down-time’ and are recommended by leading machine manufacturers. We hold an extensive range of vandal guard kits in stock which are available for immediate despatch or can be fitted on-site anywhere in the UK by our trained fitters.

Each vandal guard kit is specifically designed to match the contours of the cab. Existing fixing points are used to ensure that the certification of the cab is not compromised.

  • Strong & robust design
  • High Quality Polypropylene vandal guards combining strength, durability and lightness.
  • Unique anti-wear edges
  • Guards hang from “Roof Mounting Rail System” using existing fixing points, eliminating the need to drill the cab, reducing the risk of water ingress and corrosion.
  • Approved by leading construction machinery manufactures
  • Padlock & ‘Snaplock’ locking system
  • Safe, quick & easy to handle
  • Available with or without storage baskets
  • Easy self-fit or professionally fitted on-site anywhere in the UK

Most Cabcare vandal guard kits are available in two versions; snap lock or the older padlock version. The snap lock has many advantages over the traditional padlock. The ΒΌ turn snap lock provides quick and easy fitting of the guard, no key is required when fitting the guards. The panels are mounted onto the machine and the locks are simply pushed (snapped) home. The key is only required to remove the panel. This allows for quick and easy fixing of the guard at the end of the day. Without the need to find and fit 10 or 12 pad locks on a cold dark winter evening!

Another useful feature to help with the stowage of the guards is all panels are marked on the inside face with a numbers and arrow indicating the sequence they are put in the storage basket.

Initial Fitting

The initial fitting of the guards is relatively straight forward following the comprehensive fitting instructions supplied with each kit. An experienced fitter should be able to fit most sets of guards in under an hour, after fitting a few sets. See YouTube link below to see a real time example. If you would prefer to have your guards fitted we offer a competitively priced fitting service.