Hand Rails

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CabCare provides a wide range of handrails to provide protection to the driver why’ll working on the back of the excavator. The handrails are designed to bolt onto existing fixings avoiding the need to drill or weld on to the machine. Traditionally handrails have been very large solid structures bolted and welder onto the machine structure. The Cabcare handrail systems are designed to be lighter and more flexible to reduce and prevent the cracking issues inherent in these larger structures. The key design points to this system are;

  • Base plates are mounted on rubber isolators to prevent the engine vibration causing work hardening.
  • All the down tubes are mounted into cast steel bases, providing durable connections with the base plates.
  • The main sections of handrail are clamped together to form a single flexible structure, which can flex with the machines movement, preventing cracking due to the inertia.